WhatsApp phishing scheme

Security forces arrest two for fraud, impersonating Muthanna governor

MUTHANNA —Security forces arrested have arrested two individuals allegedly involved in a scheme impersonating of the governor of Muthanna.

This individual used WhatsApp to contact locals, falsely promising them land plots in exchange for money.

The National Security Service disclosed in a statement, “One impersonated the governor […] National Security arrests suspects involved in fraud and deceit in Muthanna.”

In the Muthanna governorate, the National Security Service’s units captured two suspects for defrauding citizens with promises of expedited land plot transactions for financial compensation. One suspect had impersonated the governor, communicating with victims through WhatsApp.

After the arrests, the suspects are said to have admitted to crimes of fraud and impersonation. They reportedly accumulated around 163 million Iraqi dinars ($108,000) from their illicit activities.

Following the arrests, numerous victims of these fraudulent operations stepped forward to lodge complaints. Their testimonies are being documented for submission to the appropriate legal authorities for further action.