Owners deny price gouging

Kut’s mineral water industry maintains stable prices amid higher demand for Arbaeen

WASIT, August 23 — Owners of bottled water factories in Kut have refuted claims of price gouging ahead of Arbaeen processions across the governorate.

With the rise in demand for drinking water during gatherings, owners emphasized that prices have remained constant since the beginning of the month of Muharram and discounted prices are offered to participants of religious processions.

Musa Salman, owner of one mineral water factory, told 964: “The reports of raising the price of a water carton are inaccurate. We have been selling them at 1,550 Iraqi dinars to the mourning processions since the start of the month of Muharram, which is 100 dinars less than the commercial rates. These prices, whether for processions or commercial establishments, have significantly reduced our profits. The exchange rate of the dollar increased last week, leading to a surge in the prices of all raw materials used in our industry.”

“Most of the raw materials used in manufacturing water bottles and cups are imported from Turkey, Iran, and the UAE. The Iraqi industry in this field has not yet met the desired levels, making us dependent on the exchange rate,” Salman added.

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