A bit of French culture in Yarmouk

Baghdad restaurant introduces unique experience with Eiffel Tower replica

BAGHDAD — A Baghdad restaurant is attracting attention with its unique French theme, complete with a large replica of the Eiffel Tower and other iconic symbols of European culture.

Located in the Yarmouk area of Baghdad, Monaco restaurant has become a popular spot for couples, offering them a chance to recreate a Parisian tradition of writing their names on locks and tossing the keys into a large pond, symbolizing the Seine River.

Restaurant manager Ali Ghassan said the restaurant’s name was inspired by the European principality, Monaco, a sovereign micro-state located on the French Riviera. The owners, he added, wanted to bring touches of French culture to Baghdad, with the Eiffel Tower, the Love Lock Bridge, and a so-called ‘Lake of Lovers.’

The 17-meter tall replica of the Eiffel Tower was crafted by Iraqi artisans under the supervision of an Iraqi civil engineer. The design, created using 3D modeling software, aimed to precisely match the original structure, constructed solely from iron and featuring similar lighting effects. The entire project took 45 days to complete and was finished just before the month of Ramadan begins.

Customer Mawlood Mukhles expressed his enthusiasm for the restaurant’s concept, noting the replica structure’s resemblance to the iconic Eiffel Tower and  family-friendly atmosphere. Mukhles, who met his fiancée at the restaurant’s Jadriya branch, specifically chose Monaco restaurant and its ambiance for a special celebration.