Uptick in picnicking

Tal Afar agriculture department urges preservation of farmlands

NINEVEH – The agriculture department of Nineveh’s Tal Afar has called on residents to preserve the cultivated areas in areas frequented for leisure activities. The department expressed concern over significant encroachments by some individuals, while anticipating a bountiful agricultural season.

Families often visit the outskirts of Tal Afar for picnics, especially during holidays, in areas known for agriculture. The most popular locations include the villages of Jabara, Al-Faqa, Sukhtly, Al-Abra, Shor Dara, and Jadu’a, all situated near the city center.

Hamoud Abdullah, the director of Tal Afar Agriculture for 964media, stated, “Noble families have begun visiting green spaces for picnics, enjoying the natural beauty and spring weather, a clear indicator of the safety and stability in the area, which fills us with optimism.”

“Unfortunately, we have observed significant encroachments on lands planted with strategic crops, especially wheat and barley. Following the recent heavy rains, we are anticipating a productive season,” Abdullah added.

The department urges citizens to protect the planted areas and avoid using them as pathways for vehicles or as play areas for children and youths. They also called for not leaving trash behind after picnicking or allowing pets that some visitors bring to roam freely and cause damage.

“The lush nature belongs to everyone, and preserving it is everyone’s responsibility,” Abdullah concluded, highlighting the collective duty towards environmental conservation.