Heart disease on the rise

Duhok sees surge in pacemaker implants

DUHOK, August 21 — The number of heart disease cases in Duhok has risen sharply this year, with 300 patients receiving pacemakers, marking a notable increase compared to the previous year.

Dr. Maher Doski told 964 that patiens will be supported up to 10 years with their pacemaker devices.

“Incidents of heart-related illnesses are increasing day by day, and the demand for heart pacemaker devices to assist patients is rising,” Doski said. “Devices come in various types, including single-chamber, dual-chamber, and triple-chamber devices. They are all used to increase the heart rate, as a heart rate dropping below 40-percent of the normal rate can lead to shortness of breath and fainting. The device increases the heart rate to more than 60-percent.”

“Most pacemaker devices last for 10 years, but patients need to visit their doctors every six months for battery reprogramming,” he added. “The pacemaker implantation procedure takes 40 minutes, and patients remain under observation for hours before returning home in the evening.”

According to Doski, the number of patients in Duhok requiring pacemakers is projected to increase by 20-percent by the end of 2023.

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