Unfinished projects

Protests erupt in Twerej over poor infrastructure

TWEREJ — Residents of the Al-Shuhada neighborhood of Twerej have voiced their grievances by protesting the absence of essential services.

The focal points of their demands include the completion of the sewerage system and the repair of streets that have worsened due to recent rains.

Abu Salam, a participant in the protest, shared with 964media the community’s longstanding dissatisfaction. “For five years, our streets have been in terrible condition.

“Despite numerous promises, there’s been no improvement. The sewerage system’s flawed implementation years ago necessitated further excavations, leaving our neighborhood in disarray. The lack of services has become unbearable for residents.”

The demonstration was temporarily halted following the counsel of the neighborhood’s elders and in respect of the Sha’ban pilgrimage. Abu Salam declared, “We plan to resume our protest on Wednesday, after the pilgrimage concludes. We are seeking tangible solutions.”

Um Khalid, another resident, criticized the negative impact of the weather on their community. “Rain, typically a blessing, has turned into a curse for us due to the failed attempts to upgrade our sewerage network. The situation has deteriorated to the point where, despite previous pavement, our streets are now in disrepair.”