Fierce local debate

Recently inaugurated corniche wall in Amara collapses

AMARA —The recent collapse of a section of the Corniche Al-Saray wall in Maysan’s Amara, less than two years after its much-anticipated inauguration, has sparked widespread debate among local bloggers and social media activists.

The incident has raised serious questions about the construction and maintenance practices employed in the project.

Engineer Nasser Kazem, a well-known blogger and activist in the area, voiced his concerns, attributing the collapse to what he perceives as negligence on the part of the local construction firm. “The Corniche quickly became a beloved spot for the citizens of Amara, and its collapse is a direct result of the construction company’s failure to adhere to high-quality standards,” Kazem reported to 964media.

The sentiment was echoed by blogger Haymen Hameed, who was taken aback by the images of the crumbled wall, underlying its crucial role in sustaining the Corniche’s infrastructure. “The damage could potentially lead to further structural failures, including the pavement that sits atop the wall, which would only worsen the situation,” Hameed noted.

Mohammed Abdul Latif, a consulting engineer, offered a technical perspective, suggesting that the wall’s rapid deterioration was exacerbated by its construction atop an outdated foundation known for high moisture levels, dating back to the 1950s. Abdul Latif recommended, “A more resilient construction approach using modern materials that are better suited to withstand the river’s climatic challenges would have been advisable.”

In response to the collapse, Kazem Thajeel, director of Amara Municipality, indicated that the incident occurred under the watch of a prior administration and affirmed that the municipality is actively seeking expert advice to repair and restore the wall. “We are committed to finding a lasting solution to ensure the Corniche’s safety and aesthetic appeal,” Thajeel concluded, acknowledging the need for immediate action to address the community’s concerns.