Protesting job exclusions

Tal Afar graduates announce sit-in on main road

TAL AFAR — Graduates in Tal Afar, Nineveh, have declared their intention to initiate an open-ended sit-in starting Sunday. This protest will include blocking the main road to Mosul, effectively disconnecting the governorate’s center from its three western districts – Tal Afar, Sinjar, Ba’aj. The move comes in response to efforts by some to exclude specific graduates from the region from forthcoming contractual job opportunities.

Hassan Ali Al-Bayati, a spokesperson for the protesting graduates, told 964media, “Beginning next Sunday, we plan to launch an open sit-in and obstruct the Mosul-Tal Afar road, severing the connection between the governorate’s center and its western districts. Our protest aims to challenge a pact made by certain provincial council members and the governor to sideline certain graduates from Nineveh from securing positions in the upcoming contract announcements.

“We will not end our sit-in until our legitimate demands are met by the provincial council and governor,” affirmed Al-Bayati.

The exclusion of graduates from specific locales is criticized as illegal and neglectful of the need for fairness and equity in job distribution, considering population densities.

The demonstrators are calling for support from local deputies, provincial council representatives from Tal Afar, tribal leaders, dignitaries, and the media.

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