Zhiar Qureishi

Young talent’s voice echoes through Kurdistan’s mountains

NEWSROOM — At just 11 years old, Zhiar Qureishi, a fifth-grade student from Bokan city in Iran, has become a sensation on social media with his captivating voice, setting trends in the digital world for nearly three years.

Zhiar was discovered at the tender age of four, and it quickly became clear that he had a natural vocal talent. He has been honing his skills through regular training sessions at several music schools, including Payiz, Sama, and Hozan.

Under the tutelage of Masoud Yare, a distinguished musician and trainer in the Kurdish regions of Iran, Zhiar has developed his unique sound and style.

Given his young age, Zhiar’s family has been cautious about his exposure, particularly concerning participation in television programs or shows. His brother revealed to 964media that Zhiar is in the process of preparing for the launch of his album titled “Meshqi Helparin” (Practice of Flying), which is eagerly anticipated and expected to be released soon.

Chia Mohammed: The rising star with a distinctive voice

Chia Mohammed: The rising star with a distinctive voice