Move towards cashless transactions

General directorate of traffic announces shift to digital payments

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s General Directorate of Traffic is modernizing its services by introducing an electronic payment system for all vehicle registration and driving license transactions, as declared this past Saturday.

Brigadier Ziad Al-Qaisi, head of Public Relations and Media at the directorate, told state news that this initiative aligns with directives from the minister of interior and is under the watch of the general traffic director. The directorate is now ready to serve citizens using the new electronic system.

Al-Qaisi indicated that while the option to pay in cash remains, it will be phased out by May 1st, urging the public to transition to digital payments and obtain Visa cards, with kiosks available at the General Directorate of Traffic. This change is in step with a Cabinet resolution from Dec. 31, 2023, which also put an end to the registration of all types of motorcycles.

However, motorcycles that are already registered will stay in service. Al-Qaisi emphasized that unregistered motorcycles or those missing annual renewals will be subject to impoundment. He also noted the minister of interior’s special attention towards motorcycle owners who are yet to finalize their dealings with the Traffic Directorate, ensuring they receive due support during this transition.