Advisor denies claims as rumors

Sudani advisor dismisses reports of U.S. military movements as propaganda

BAGHDAD, August 21 — Hussein Allawi, advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani, stated on Sunday that a recent flurry of news regarding U.S. military movements is nothing more than propaganda and disinformation.

He emphasized that the aim of these reports is to disrupt the current period of calm and stability in Iraq, which has seen achievements such as approval of the budget, funding of major projects, and other successes by the government. Allawi characterized Iraq-U.S. relations as currently experiencing a clear period of understanding.

In an interview with journalist Najim Al-Rubaie, Allawi stated:

“Iraqis, especially those in Baghdad, are leading their lives naturally, without any panic or fear caused by videos circulating on social media that discuss military movements and the like.”

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Al-Sudani, Iraqi-American relations are progressing, particularly on the political front, as witnessed in recent meetings.”

“The recent turmoil is nothing but media propaganda with the goal of intimidating and pressuring citizens, as well as tarnishing a series of achievements. These include the tripartite budget process, disruption of what Al-Sudani has accomplished in the service sector, and the attempt to distract from upcoming milestones, such as the major projects that have received financial authorization for 2023.”

“I categorically deny the existence of any U.S. movements along the Iraqi borders.”

“The deployment of air defenses on top of a building is a routine practice for air defense forces, and it concluded upon completing the mission.”