Approves education appointments

Najaf provincial council holds session amid protests

NAJAF – The Najaf Provincial Council’s ordinary session commenced on Tuesday, starting over two hours late due to protests by Education Annex demonstrators outside the government building. At the request of Council President Hussein Al-Issawi, the meeting was held in private to deliberate on matters concerning educational appointments. Discussions on other scheduled topics, such as the Sadrain bridges and the Najaf Cement Factory, were deferred.

Council member Akram Sharba, in an interview with 964media, mentioned that the meeting tackled various educational sector issues within the governorate, including a specific exemption in education.

The council reached several decisions by the meeting’s end, notably the confirmation of permanent positions for 1,685 candidates previously selected and interviewed. Furthermore, it allocated 435 vacancies to individuals who had been previously overlooked.

Additionally, the council deliberated on the distribution of land for new schools in select provincial areas and the upkeep of existing educational facilities, including budget provisions for these initiatives.

Sharba expressed his belief that the protests related to the educational sector would neither escalate nor cease, asserting that the demonstrators were entitled to voice their demands. He emphasized that the Iraqi populace is adept at asserting their rights to achieve their objectives.