In ancient Zakho market

Tourism directorate supports women-owned shops in ancient Zakho market

DUHOK, August 20 — The Tourism Directorate of Zakho, located in northern Duhok, has stepped in to pay the rent for 10 women who own small shops in the city’s ancient market.

The historic Zakho Old Market, which recently reopened to residents and tourists, houses over 150 shops, with 10 of them owned by women. This initiative aims to encourage these women to continue their businesses, solidify their presence in the market, and eventually cover their rent expenses from their future income. Many of these women engage in handicrafts, weaving, and restaurant management.

Chia Amin, the Director of Zakho Tourism, stated that:

“The Directorate aims to support the efforts of these women who have taken a commendable step by launching small businesses within the market. The market’s appeal is enhanced by their presence.

The Directorate has covered the rent of these women’s shops for three months, allowing them to establish their presence, generate income, and sustain their rent payments.

Currently, there are only 11 women who own shops in Zakho, with 10 located in the Old Market and one in the central market area.”