Two billion dinars allocated

Residents of two Tuz Khurmatu neighborhoods demand basic services

TUZ KHURMATU — Residents of the Askari and Tin neighborhoods in Tuz Khurmatu are voicing their frustration over the lack of basic municipal services, a situation that starkly contrasts with the conditions in other parts of the district. Abdulhadi Razwan, from the Askari neighborhood, spoke to 964media about the continuous disregard of promises made by municipal authorities, pointing out the “significant disparities” in service provision across different neighborhoods. “While many areas enjoy full access to amenities”, Razwan Said, Askari and Tin have been left wanting for the most fundamental of services.

Sabah Asai, a resident of the Tin neighborhood, detailed the hardships faced by the community throughout the year, from dust storms in the summer to muddy conditions in the winter. The absence of a reliable water supply system and the neglect of public service projects in the area have compounded the residents’ difficulties, prompting calls for immediate action from the local government.

In response to these concerns, 964media reached out to Marai Rashid, the mayor of Tuz Khurmatu, who confirmed the allocation of two billion dinars for improvements in the Askari neighborhood but cited delays due to unfinished water supply projects. Rashid acknowledged the lack of service projects in the Tin neighborhood and validated the complaints of its inhabitants. He highlighted the challenges faced in securing support from the General Directorate of Municipalities in Iraq, despite repeated requests for assistance. Rashid assured that efforts would persist to address these service gaps comprehensively.

Local sources who spoke to 964media estimate that the Tin neighborhood would need an investment of around five billion dinars to establish a water supply, pave roads, and implement other critical services necessary for overcoming the current infrastructure deficiencies.

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