AI to analyze attacks and incidents

Iraq mulls AI-powered security platform, approves cooperation with Lebanon

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s National Security Council is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to analyze security data as part of an initiative to enhance national security measures across the country.

National security chief Qasim Al-Araji chaired a meeting of the council on Monday, it’s third session in 2024, during which members considered a proposal from the Ministry of Science and Technology for developing an interactive AI platform. The platform would analyze data from terrorist attacks, armed incidents, and other security-related events, aiming to improve response and prevention strategies.

Council members endorsed the proposal, recommending further collaboration between the ministry and relevant security ministries and agencies. The collaborative approach aims to ensure the platform’s effective development and integration into existing security operations.

Beyond the AI initiative, the council also reviewed and approved a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and its Lebanese counterpart. The MoU strengthens cooperation on various security and administrative matters, with specific details amended based on council discussions.

The Iraqi council’s focus on both technological innovation and international collaboration highlights efforts it says aim to tackle evolving security challenges and create a safer environment for Iraqis.