Prized for unique flavor, size, and shape

Basra’s nabq fruit draws traders as production booms and exports increase

BASRA — Traders from across Iraq are flocking to Basra’s northern farms and orchards to snap up prized the Nabq fruit (Christ’s thorn jujube), renowned for its taste and quality. As production flourishes, daily market offerings reach 10 tons, with expectations of further growth by March’s peak season.

“With growing harvests in Al-Madina, Al-Sadiq, and Al-Huwaier districts, we’ve begun exporting to other governorates,” said Fawzi Al-Hamdi, a Basra wholesaler. “This year’s yield is plentiful, with daily output at 10 tons from areas like Abu Ghraib, Al-Khas, and Al-Sura. We expect this to climb until March.”

Al-Hamdi detailed the delivery process, explaining that as soon as mobile orders come in, distributors quickly dispatch the requested quantities to different governorates. Currently, the “apple-type” Nabq fetches 3,500 Iraqi dinars per kilo.

Karbala-based trader Samir Al-Asadi raved about Basra’s Nabq, highlighting its unique flavor, large size, and attractive shape. “We have no Nabq production in Karbala, so we come here specifically for it,” he said. “We transport large quantities to Karbala, Baghdad, and other provinces. We’re currently buying the ‘apple’ type, but we’ll also buy other varieties once they’re available in larger quantities.”

Basra’s Nabq boom is attracting traders not only for its quality but also for its increasing availability. With production expected to peak in March, the market looks set to remain a hub for this sought-after fruit, drawing buyers from across Iraq.

Basra markets flourish with in-season nabq varieties

Basra markets flourish with in-season nabq varieties