At Munich conference

Iraqi PM Al-Sudani discusses with Jordan’s King economic partnership, Gaza situation

MUNICH – Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani of Iraq and King Abdullah II of Jordan convened on the sidelines of the 60th Munich Security Conference to discuss bilateral relations and the pressing situation in Gaza.

The meeting focused on enhancing economic partnerships and development sectors to mutually benefit both nations, aiming for sustainable development, according to the Iraqi PM office’s statement.

A significant part of their dialogue was dedicated to the dire situation in Gaza. Prime Minister Al-Sudani expressed deep concern over the aggression against the Palestinian people, urging for an immediate cessation of what he termed the “systematic killing” in Gaza. He called on the international community for concerted efforts, humanitarian assistance, and measures to prevent further conflict escalation, labeling the situation as a “heinous crime of genocide.”

King Abdullah II echoed the urgency of addressing the Gaza crisis, emphasizing the need to halt the war and ensure the delivery of relief aid to prevent a humanitarian disaster. He highlighted the necessity of Arab coordination in supporting Gaza’s populace and advocated for an immediate ceasefire. Moreover, the King pushed for a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state solution, stressing the intertwined security interests of Jordan and Iraq, with a declaration that “Jordan and Iraq’s security are one.”

While both leaders shared concerns over Gaza, their statements varied in focus. Prime Minister Al-Sudani’s remarks were particularly strong on economic collaboration between Iraq and Jordan and the condemnation of violence in Gaza, explicitly calling out the acts as genocide. In contrast, King Abdullah’s comments, though serious, leaned more towards diplomacy, with an emphasis on Arab unity, humanitarian efforts, and a political resolution to the conflict, without specifically mentioning the economic ties highlighted by his Iraqi counterpart.