In Al-Khalis

Iraqi Red Crescent: Rain and storms damage 50 homes and a school

AL-KHALIS, DIYALA — The Iraqi Red Crescent Society reported Friday that 50 homes and a school were damaged in Al-Khalis due to rains and storms overnight.

The organization stated in a release: “The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has recorded the damage of 50 homes and a school in Al-Khalis due to rains and storms.”

According to initial field statistics conducted by disaster response teams affiliated with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society’s Diyala branch, late at night, the Red Crescent Association said in a statement that Diyala province was hit by heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and a strong tornado that struck the villages of Al-Budwaniyah and Al-Majdud.

The statement added, “The tornado caused material damage to 50 homes with varying degrees of damage, and one person sustained moderate injuries and is currently hospitalized, in addition to the complete damage to the Al-Rawan Elementary School in the village of Al-Budwaniyah and the damage to electricity poles, trees, and the death of some poultry.”

The Iraqi Red Crescent teams have begun transporting food and relief supplies to the affected families, numbering about 100 households.