Delivery drivers save romance

Weather impacts Valentine’s Day foot traffic in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – Cloudy and rainy weather patterns have significantly impacted the foot traffic of couples at flower and Valentine’s Day gift shops in Baghdad.

Notably, a leading flower store in the Al-Mamoun area was seen completely devoid of customers. Nevertheless, delivery services ensured that February 14 did not go by without joy for loved ones, upholding the annual tradition of romantic gestures.

Mohammed Qasim, the proprietor of RQ Flower Shop, told 964media, “A medium-sized teddy bear now costs 100,000 dinars, and a large one can fetch 150,000 dinars [$100]. We start preparing a week in advance. The inclement weather reduced the number of my customers this holiday, but delivery apps have filled the gap. Flower prices have remained stable, with every four roses selling for 10,000 dinars.”