Government intends to capture gas flares

Ministry of Oil initiates trial operation of gas power station in Al-Gharraf Field

BAGHDAD, August 19 — Iraq’s Ministry of Oil announced on Saturday the trial operation of a gas power station in the Al-Gharraf oil field, with a capacity exceeding 70 megawatts, as part of the Ministry’s efforts to capture and utilize glas flares.

A statement from the Ministry read:

In line with the directives of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Minister of Oil, Mr. Thamer Ghadhban and the Dhi Qar Oil Company, Al-Gharraf Oil Field Management in Dhi Qar governorate has successfully completed the trial operation of the gas power station.

This achievement is part of the Ministry’s plans to capitalize on associated gas from oil production. It falls within an integrated strategy for self-reliant field operations, which includes setting up and operating a gas power station with a capacity exceeding 70 megawatts. This station will provide electrical power for the field and its facilities, and it will also be supplied with gas produced during the oil processes in the field. This initiative is a component of the ongoing gas investment efforts led by Dhi Qar Oil Company, in collaboration with the operator, to fully utilize this investment in the near future.

It’s worth noting that this achievement contributes to providing self-sufficient electrical power for the field without relying on the national grid. The national grid itself will invest an additional 70 megawatts to serve citizens.

These projects are part of the Ministry of Oil’s comprehensive plans to implement more similar initiatives in productive fields.