Arts, poetry, and storytelling

Children in Babil participate in cultural workshop to explore art and literature

BABIL – A group of fifty children in Babil recently embarked on a three-day cultural journey, participating in a workshop organized by the Children’s Culture House. The program is designed to introduce young minds to the fundamentals of fine arts, poetry, and storytelling, with content tailored to their age group.

Salem Hussein, a manager at the culture organization shared: “Through these courses, we aim to develop children’s minds and enhance their skills in drawing, reading stories, and poetry.” The course was held in coordination with the Mama Zeinab nursery, under the supervision of the Children’s Culture House.

Hussein added that a number of talented children from the group were encouraged to present stories in an effort to foster interest in reading among the the rest of the participants.

Sajida Nahe, an employee at the center, said, “Through these courses, we aim to get children out of the house and create beautiful atmospheres for them.” Nahe added that creative workshops help children discover their artistic talents, often finding them in similar events.