2023 sees a rise in complaints

Kurdistan Men’s Union releases statistics on violence against men

ERBIL, August 17 – The self-proclaimed Kurdistan Men’s Union has released its annual statistics on violence against men,  highlighting the submission of 336 complaints against women since the beginning of 2023.

Barhan Ali, President of group, told 964: “In 2022, the region recorded 534 cases of violence against men, and this year has seen an increase in numbers. We have documented 336 complaints since the start of the current year, including 39 cases of suicide and five murders.”

“In 2022, five men were killed by their wives with the help of others, and 65 others committed suicide in the Kurdistan region. Last year witnessed fewer cases of suicide in Erbil and Halabja governorates, while the highest number were recorded in Sulaymaniyah.”