Green dye used to mimic olive oil

Operation uncovers adulterated ‘olive oil’ production in Erbil

ERBIL – Security forces in Erbil have seized a warehouse engaged in the manipulation of cooking oil, which was being dyed green to mimic olive oil, authorities reported Thursday.

During a routine inspection by the food safety surveillance teams in Erbil, it was discovered that a local facility had transformed regular oil into a counterfeit product and prepared it for sale under forged branding, falsely claiming it to be natural olive oil. The operation intended to sell the altered oil at a high price in markets, exploiting the consumer trust in olive oil’s quality and health benefits.

The warehouse, filled with specially prepared containers bearing fraudulent logos, operated without the necessary permits, posing significant health and safety risks to consumers. Security forces have indicated that legal action will be taken against all individuals involved in the operation.

This incident shines a light on the challenges facing the olive oil industry in the Kurdistan region, which has seen an increase in olive oil production over the years. The region, especially Dohuk, annually produces approximately 34,000 tons of olives, contributing significantly to the local economy and offering potential growth for genuine olive oil production.

Erbil’s security forces sat vigorous inspections and strict enforcement of food safety regulations would continue to protect consumers from fraudulent practices in the food industry.