Linking Al-Qaim, Baghdad

Iraq’s transport ministry reopens key rail cargo line

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s Ministry of Transport announced Thursday the reopening of the Qaim-Haditha-Baiji-Baghdad railway line for cargo transport, after a lengthy hiatus following sabotage during the war on ISIS.

In its statement, the ministry outlined that the railway, essential for transporting goods and stone, stretches from Al-Qaim through Haditha and Baiji, culminating in Baghdad.

This route, specifically used for moving stone from Al-Qaim to the cement factory in Salahaddin and Baghdad governorates, also supports the transport of various goods between Baghdad and Al-Qaim.

“The transport line’s disruption was a direct consequence of ISIS’s actions. The Ministry’s teams have completed restoration and maintenance, and the General Company for Iraqi Railways is now prepared to resume cargo transportation services on this restored line,” the statement said.