Two suspects on the loose

Baghdad Al-Rusafa police arrest suspect in the assassination of Dr. Khaled Zuhair

BAGHDAD — The Al-Rusafa Baghdad Police Command announced the arrest of one of three suspects involved in the assassination of pediatric consultant Dr. Khaled Zuhair on Wednesday. The arrest followed an investigation and review of surveillance footage that showed the suspects harassing the victim’s car before shooting him.

A statement released by the Ministry of Interior said:

The Ministry of Interior extends its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, Dr. Khaled Zuhair Nimah, and also condoles the medical staff for this heinous incident.

The Ministry would like to clarify that immediately upon the victim’s murder, the security apparatus, under the leadership of the Baghdad Al-Rusafa Police Command and intelligence efforts, initiated necessary procedures. Using intelligence and by tracking surveillance cameras, it was revealed that three individuals inside a vehicle fired at the vehicle of the deceased doctor after attacking his car, causing damage to the car’s trunk. Consequently, the bullets penetrated the doctor’s back, may his soul rest in peace. He passed away after being transported to the hospital.

Security forces in the Ministry of Interior were able to apprehend one of the suspects and detain him, while a specialized security team initiated an extensive search operation to apprehend the remaining perpetrators.

Health ministry mourns assassination of pediatric consultant

Health ministry mourns assassination of pediatric consultant