Railway director urges victims of US strikes to seek compensation

AL-QAIM — In response to the recent U.S. bombing at the Hasiba railway complex, which affected 440 houses, Khaled Walid Majid, director of Al-Qaim railways, has issued a call to action for impacted homeowners. On Wednesday, Majid extended an invitation for these individuals to seek compensation through the Al-Qaim Compensation Department.

Majid addressed the residents directly, saying, “Greetings to my family and brothers and sisters in the Al-Sikak compound. Thank God for your safety and peace, and may mercy and forgiveness be upon our martyr son Abdulrahman Khaled Shahadah, and speedy recovery for the injured.”

He emphasized urgency, instructing, “Please inform all the owners of the Al-Sikak compound in the Haseebah 440 residential area to visit the Compensation Department to submit a request for compensation for damages to their homes and properties as a result of the bombing on the night of Feb. 2-3, 2024, as soon as possible.” Majid noted it as “of utmost importance and urgency as per the request of the concerned authorities.”

US confirms airstrikes in Syria, Iraq after early confusion

US confirms airstrikes in Syria, Iraq after early confusion