Notorious camp in Syria

National security advisor calls for closure of Al-Hol camp

BAGHDAD — National Security Advisor Qasim Al-Aaraji discussed with Turkish Defense Minister Yaşar Güler on Tuesday the urgent need to close the Al-Hol camp in Syria and repatriate its inhabitants to their home nations. Güler affirmed Turkey’s commitment to security cooperation, emphasizing border control.

In a meeting held at Al-Aaraji’s office, with Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad Ali Reda Günay present, the officials reviewed regional political and security situations. They also talked about strengthening ties between their countries and continuing security collaboration to ensure regional security and stability.

Al-Aaraji highlighted the strategic, historical, geographical, and social bonds between Iraq and Turkey, underlining their significance in fostering cooperation and partnership.

He addressed the critical security challenges facing both nations, expressing a keen interest in resolving these through security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and tracking terrorist elements. Al-Aaraji specifically mentioned the Al-Hol camp as a significant threat that needs addressing by repatriating its residents.

The importance of water resources and the need for joint management between Iraq and Turkey was another key point Al-Aaraji raised. He also noted the potential benefits of the development road project for trade and economic relations between the two countries. Turkey and Iraq have been locked in negotiations over water management for a significant period, with recent rounds of talks breaking down without a breakthrough. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers provide the overwhelming majority of Iraq’s freshwater. Both originate in Turkey.

He also expressed enthusiasm for the Joint Counterterrorism Center and the exchange of intelligence information, reaffirming Turkey’s readiness to cooperate on security issues, including border control.


The National Security Advisor, Mr. Qasim Al-Aaraji, received the Turkish Defense Minister, Mr. Yaşar Güler, and his accompanying delegation today, Tuesday, at his office, in the presence of the Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad, Mr. Ali Reda Günay.

During the meeting, an overview of the political and security situations in the region was discussed, as well as the enhancement of relations between the neighboring countries, alongside the reaffirmation of continued security cooperation to achieve regional security and stability.

Mr. Al-Aaraji emphasized the depth of the strategic relations, shared history, geographic and social ties between Iraq and Turkey, highlighting their importance in enhancing cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

He pointed out that the security file is pressing on all fronts, and there is a genuine willingness to end this file through security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and information exchange to pursue terrorist elements. He noted that the issue of the al-Hol camp poses a real threat to the region, and it must be closed by repatriating its residents to their countries.

Mr. Al-Aaraji stated that the water file is of great importance to Iraq and that Iraq’s water share must be given through joint coordination between the two countries.

He stressed that the success of the development road project will enhance trade and economic relations between the two countries.

For his part, Mr. Güler affirmed that Turkey is making great efforts to elevate the level of relations with Iraq, to eliminate terrorist groups, and commended Iraq’s efforts in defeating the terrorist organization ISIS and consolidating security and stability in the region.

Mr. Güler also expressed Ankara’s anticipation for the success of the Joint Counterterrorism Center and intelligence information exchange, confirming his country’s readiness for security cooperation in border control.

Yazidi girl liberated from Al-Hol camp

Yazidi girl liberated from Al-Hol camp