Poetry, history also selling well

Surge in religious book sales on Baghdad’s Al-Mutanabbi Street

Booksellers along Baghdad’s historic Al-Mutanabbi Street have reported a notable increase in demand for religious texts, especially those about the Prophet Muhammad’s life, as well as literary works by Juma Al-Lami and the late Lamia Abbas Amara, including “The Prophecy of the Seer.”

Zafer Basim, owner of the Al-Adab Bookshop, told 964media about the trend: “I was surprised by the growing interest in religious books, which have gained popularity among readers. ‘Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum’ by Safiur-Rahman Mubarakpuri, which chronicles the life of Prophet Muhammad from his birth to his death, is particularly noteworthy.”

Another significant work is “Baghdad’s Pictorial Memory,” compiled by historian and researcher Shamil Abdul Qadir. This collection includes hundreds of rare photos of Baghdad from the early days of the Iraqi state to the present.

Raja’ Al-Rubaie, manager of the Union of Writers’ Library, noted the week’s bestsellers: “The poetry collection ‘If the Seer Informed Me’ by poetess Lamia Abbas Amara has been exceptionally well-received. We distributed this book for free at the ‘I am Iraqi, I Read’ festival, along with ‘Al-Yashen,’ a short story collection by Juma Al-Lami.”

Additionally, “Sumerian Mythology” by archaeologist Samuel Noah Kramer, translated by Hameed Manaa, has attracted considerable interest. The book explores the spiritual and literary achievements of the Sumerians, as well as myths and texts from Sumerian clay tablets. Kramer’s autobiography, published in 1986, details his efforts in publishing Sumerian literature and translating many significant Sumerian texts for scholars.