Regulation tightening

Tal Afar sets deadline for licensing private clinics, pharmacies

TAL AFAR – Authorities in Tal Afar, a town in Nineveh Governorate, have given owners of unlicensed private clinics and pharmacies a 45-day ultimatum to comply with licensing requirements, warning that failure to do so will lead to closures, confiscation of contents, and legal action. This initiative aims to regulate healthcare services and ensure public safety in response to the rise of clinics in residential areas offering primary medical services and medications at lower costs than those provided by licensed facilities.

Khalil Mohsen, the district commissioner of Tal Afar, discussed the initiative with 964media after a comprehensive meeting with establishment owners. The meeting, which included representatives from the Popular Mobilization Forces, the National Security’s Organized Crime Department, and health professionals, established a plan for the regularization of these services.

Mohsen said, “We have given them a 45-day window to secure the necessary official approvals for their operations. Those who fail to comply will see their clinics closed, face legal prosecution, and have their properties confiscated.”

Authorities have obtained written commitments from the owners to secure the required approvals within the given timeframe. Owners who have made these commitments will be given temporary leniency by the relevant authorities until they receive their official licenses. However, those who have not made such commitments will face immediate closure of their facilities.

While acknowledging the supportive role these clinics play in augmenting government health services, Mohsen stressed the importance of their operations being legal to protect citizens’ lives and safety and to prevent the distribution of narcotics and prohibited substances. This action demonstrates the authorities’ dedication to enforcing health regulations and ensuring the provision of safe and legal medical services to the public.