Team returns from Asian Cup exploits

Al-Sudani affirms ongoing support for Iraqi national team during visit

BAGHDAD – During a visit by a delegation led by Union President Adnan Dirjal and Coach Jesús Casas on Thursday, Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani reaffirmed his government’s ongoing support for the Iraqi national football team.

Official Statement:

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met with the delegation of our national football team, accompanied by the president of the Iraq Football Association, Mr. Adnan Dirjal, and the national team coach, Mr. Jesús Casas.

His Excellency welcomed the team’s delegation and coaching staff, praising the players’ commendable performance in the AFC Asian Cup. He expressed gratitude to the Iraq Football Association and the coaching team, acknowledging that football involves both victories and defeats.

The Prime Minister emphasized that this meeting conveys a message of support to the national football team as they aim for qualification in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Additionally, it affirms the government’s commitment to supporting sports in general.

The Prime Minister expressed pride in having Mr. Casas lead the national football team’s coaching staff, commending his efforts that showcased a team with improved performance compared to previous years.

The president of the Iraq Football Association, Mr. Adnan Dirjal, along with Coach Mr. Casas and the team’s players, expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for his unwavering support, affirming their commitment to meeting expectations in the upcoming matches.