Under medical care

Nine workers injured in Anah city mosque ceiling collapse

ANBAR, January 30 — Nine workers sustained injuries today when a mosque ceiling under construction collapsed in Anah City’s Yarmouk neighborhood. The incident happened just as workers were completing a cement-pouring process, a task complicated by heavy rainfall.

Ahmed Al-Ani, a construction worker present during the incident, described the situation to 964media. “I was outside the building when they were pouring the cement. The heavy rain weakened the ground, which, along with the load on the roof over a large area, led to the columns giving way,” he said. This resulted in the mosque’s floor sinking and the subsequent collapse of the columns onto the workers.

A medical source at Anah Hospital confirmed to 964media that the hospital admitted nine workers and an engineer following the incident at the “Bayt Damouk” Mosque. The injuries varied from fractures to contusions. There were no fatalities.

The hospital is currently treating all the injured, whose conditions are under close observation.