Cafes warned over facilitating gambling

Garmian police arrest five for illegal gambling

SULAYMANIYAH, January 30 — Garmian police have arrested five individuals in a Kalar district cafeteria for gambling, as reported by a statement from the Karmian Police. The operation, a collaborative effort of Martyrs Police Center and the Kalar Police Department teams, followed thorough investigation and surveillance. The accused are detained under Article 389 of the Penal Code, with further investigations ongoing.

In light of this, Garmian police have warned local cafeteria owners against the facilitation of gambling, a common practice among punters at the region’s cafes where small-scale card games with modest bets are typical – though there have been reports across the region of problem gambling. Establishments found in violation risk legal action and potential closure.

Article 389 of the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 states in part: “Anyone who opens or manages a place for gambling…shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine not exceeding 225,000 Iraqi Dinars…” The law also outlines penalties for individuals and cashiers involved in gambling activities, including the seizure of gambling materials and the possible closure of premises.