Aiming at 25% green spaces

Erbil to expand green spaces with 7 large parks and 450 gardens

ERBIL, August 13 – The Directorate of Gardens Engineering in Erbil revealed on Sunday the presence of 7 “large parks” and 450 medium and small gardens in the city, aiming to increase “green spaces from 19.5% to 25% of the total area.”

Sorour Waisy – Erbil Gardens Engineering Media to Network 964:
“There are about 450 parks and gardens in Erbil, and the total green space percentage is currently 19.5%, but we are working to transform 25% of Erbil’s area into green spaces.”

The large park areas in the city are as follows:

Sami Abdulrahman Park: 800 dunams.
Minara Park: 43 dunams.
Peshmerga Park: 54 dunams.
Kalak Park: 29 dunams.
Khansad Park: 22 dunams.
Kaniyaw Park: 28 dunams.
Hawar Park: 37 dunams.