Applicants focus on building stamina

Gyms in Hit see a surge in members preparing to join the security forces

ANBAR, January 29 — Gyms in Anbar’s Hit district are seeing an influx of young men preparing for physical tests as part of the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) exams. The men are working to build their physical strength, a key condition for joining the elite forces.

Ahmed Nahed, Manager of Adam Gym, shared with 964media that close to 30 CTS applicants have signed up to his gym, along with others hoping to join the security forces.

Nahed noted a majority of the new members were out of shape upon joining, so his gym created a fitness regimen for them focusing on cardio exercises and weight training to build their chest and leg muscles. The plan aims to help the applicants build endurance to pass the CTS trials.

Despite the jump in demand, Nahed said he has kept membership fees the same at 25,000 Iraqi dinars per month.

Bilal Mohammed, a gym member, told 964media that he and his friends joined after applying to the special forces unit with hopes of strengthening their bodies to succeed in the tests.

While some fellow applicants have reportedly relied on running in local parks and neighborhoods to boost their stamina, Mohammed believes that weightlifting in gyms is essential for building endurance.