First of its kind

Anticipating launch of first mobile café on abandoned ferry in Hit, Iraq

ANBAR. August 13 – In Hit, residents are eagerly awaiting the launch of the region’s first mobile café, currently being established on an abandoned ferry on the Euphrates River. The project owner is dedicated to creating a heritage-inspired design that reflects the city’s historical landmarks.

The river café is expected to be ready to set sail in 45 days, and the project is being executed according to the investor’s vision, without prior design plans.

The sides of the ferry facing the bank and the bridge will be enclosed with bronze-tinted glass panels to obstruct visibility, while the sides facing the lighthouse and waterwheels will have transparent glass barriers, allowing café-goers to view Hit’s landmarks and historical sites.

Farqad Yousif Azaldin – Investor told Network 964:
“After a long period of determined efforts, we succeeded in obtaining official approvals from Anbar Province to transform the ferry into a rest stop.”

“This project is set to attract visitors from outside the city, offering them an experience on the ferry that stimulates their imagination, as if they are floating on the surface of a traditional Hiti house, overlooking minarets, waterwheels, and the homes of the ancient Hit castle.”

“The second floor will be open (unroofed), allowing seated patrons to witness the historical aspects of Hit and a part of its present, while listening to the call to prayer.”

“The ferry will cruise along the river and its banks until another ferry is brought in, with one being stationary and the other mobile.”

“The café will be adorned with heritage accessories that embody the city’s history and feature images of its icons. We’ve allocated two days a week for families.”

“We’ve named it “Al-Shakhthoor,” after the most prominent waterborne means of transportation that used to navigate Iraq’s cities through the Euphrates River, exchanging goods and essential supplies among ancient cities, including Hit.”

Saad Yousif – Resident of Hit for Network 964:
“We used this ferry to travel from the bank of Hit to Hit Island during the period from 2016 to 2018, when the bridge was damaged.”

“After the rehabilitation of the bridge in mid-2018, the ferry remained neglected. However, this project will revive the heritage and transform the ferry into a unique resting spot in the city.”

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