Opticians in Al-Kadhimiya thrive despite advances in vision correction

BAGHDAD, January 26 — In Al-Kadhimiya city, owners of optical and vision examination shops report that their businesses continue to thrive despite scientific advancements in vision correction. The shops, predominantly frequented by children, are concentrated around Quraish Square and Bab Al-Durwaza Street.

The use of smartphones and tablets is cited as a major reason for the high number of young visitors. Opticians in the area highlight that while procedures such as LASIK have made an impact, they haven’t significantly reduced the need for traditional vision examinations and eyewear.

Abdul Karim Al-Ramahi, an optician in the area, acknowledges a 15 to 20 percent impact from advanced vision correction methods. However, he notes that his business remains active, mainly serving children with refractive errors and the elderly suffering from cataracts. He attributes a rise in conditions like strabismus, nearsightedness, and farsightedness in children to the frequent use of digital devices. Additionally, he mentions that elderly individuals, especially those with chronic conditions like diabetes, are prone to retinal issues or cataracts.

Sabah Al-Mousawi, another local optician, echoes similar sentiments. He points out that despite the availability of procedures like LASIK, Super LASIK, and Femto LASIK, there remains a steady demand for traditional vision exams and glasses. He observes that many people, including those without vision problems, require reading glasses, particularly as they age. Al-Mousawi also encourages individuals, especially young adults, to explore vision correction procedures if they find glasses inconvenient.