'Resembling a street race'

Unregulated tuk-tuks wreak havoc in Al-Musayyib

AL-MUSAYYIB, January 25 – In Al-Musayyib, north of Babylon, tuk-tuks, despite being subjected to a registration drive, continue to disrupt traffic. These vehicles are notorious for flouting traffic regulations, weaving erratically through traffic. The Traffic Department asserts that it is addressing the issue by implementing fines and targeting unregistered tuk-tuks.

Ali Al-Fattlawi, a local resident, expressed his concerns to 964media, “Our streets are too cramped for the volume of cars and tuk-tuks, and the reckless driving of tuk-tuk operators, often resembling a street race, leads to constant accidents. While tuk-tuks are a vital income source for many, adherence to traffic laws is crucial.”

Brig. Zahir Al-Tufayli, director of media at the Babylon Traffic Department, also acknowledged the challenges in a statement to 964media, “The proliferation of tuk-tuks in Al-Musayyib is undeniable and contributes significantly to traffic congestion. Our approach includes imposing fines on these vehicles, particularly post-registration, and cracking down on unregistered ones. However, a ban is not feasible, considering many tuk-tuk owners rely on them for their livelihood, particularly those from lower-income backgrounds.”