Radwaniyah and Al-Zaidan

Military reinforces security measures in response to recent incidents

BAGHDAD, January 24 – In a bid to reassure residents, ground forces deployed in the Radwaniyah and Al-Zaidan areas of Abu Ghraib district, west of Baghdad, have intensified efforts and implemented security measures after a spate of incidents.

Deputy Commander of Baghdad Operations, the commander of the 17th Brigade, and the commander of the 55th Brigade, as well as the director of the Bawabat Al-Salam District, Walid Khaled Al-Zubai, conducted visits to the area and held meetings with residents and local leaders to reassure them.

The Iraqi army pledged to hold accountable anyone attempting to jeopardize the security of the area. They directed all military units to intensify patrols and intelligence efforts to deter thieves and criminals.

A security conference was held at the headquarters of the 2nd Brigade of the 55th Brigade, attended by the director of Bawabat Al-Salam and the Commanders of the 17th Brigade and the 55th Brigade, along with the commanders of the brigades and the director of the Dijlah Police Center. The conference addressed the security situation in the district, including cases of livestock theft via use of drones. The outcomes included:

  • Reinforcing patrols, checkpoints, and intelligence efforts.
  • Strengthening relations with citizens and direct communication with them.
  • Urging citizens to officially report theft cases to police stations.

Security forces provided direct contact numbers for reporting any incidents within their areas, ensuring immediate and lawful intervention.

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Drone gangs return to steal livestock in Abu Ghraib,

Drone gangs return to steal livestock in Abu Ghraib,