In light of economic hardships

Iraq’s Ministry of Education lifts mandatory uniform rule for midterm exams

BAGHDAD, January 23 — Iraq’s Ministry of Education today announced that students will not be required to wear school uniforms during midterm examinations. This directive comes from Education Minister Ibrahim Nams Al-Jubouri, who warned that administrative bodies failing to comply will face accountability.

The Ministry’s official statement stated: “Given the economic hardships some Iraqi families are facing, Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Namis Al-Jubouri has instructed all school administrations in Iraq’s governorates to exempt students from wearing school uniforms during midterm exams.”

Al-Jubouri emphasized the importance of focusing students on exams rather than worrying about dress code , aiming for a smooth and untroubled examination process.

The Ministry also highlighted the need to avoid penalizing students who deviate from the uniform dress code. It warned that administrations violating this directive would face legal consequences.

Although uniforms are typically mandatory for classes, the Ministry is allowing flexibility during the exam season, acknowledging the financial burden new uniforms impose on parents.