13 ships proposed by Chinese and European firms

Shipbuilders submit proposals to bolster Iraq’s Gulf fleet

BAGHDAD, January 22 — The Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced plans today to build 13 large cargo ships, aiming to bolster the Iraqi fleet in Gulf waters. The ministry has received proposals from European and Chinese shipbuilders.

A statement from the ministry’s media office said a specialized ministerial committee has begun negotiations with international shipbuilding companies. The effort is part of a broader initiative to expand Iraq’s commercial fleet, coinciding with recent advancements in the country’s maritime sector. This includes establishing new sea routes with Arab, Asian, and European nations, notably a direct shipping line to China.

The plan involves constructing 13 high-capacity ships to transport food and other essential goods, supporting various sectors. European and Chinese firms have submitted bids for the project, which a designated committee is now evaluating for feasibility.

The ministry expressed optimism about starting the contracting and construction within this year. It also seeks to reinstate Iraq’s standing in the International Maritime Organization by adhering to maritime regulations, quality standards at Iraqi ports, and international safety systems. All Iraqi ships operate in international waters and are periodically inspected in international dockyards, earning them global quality certifications.