Former Iraq officer reveals details

Iraq’s sole French radar system reportedly destroyed in Ain Al-Asad attack

BAGHDAD, January 22 — A former senior Iraqi army officer disclosed that Baghdad has lost its only French radar system following a recent strike on the Ain Al-Asad base, rendering it difficult to repair and exposing a critical development in Iraq’s airspace, as the military lacks equivalent surveillance and processing systems to counter new generations of drones and missiles.

In an interview, Ayad Al-Tufan explained, “Iraq contracted for five French radar systems to cover and control its skies. So far, only one has been delivered, and the delivery of the remaining four is delayed. The one we received was destroyed by a drone at Ain Al-Asad, and repairing it would cost millions of dollars. It would even be the same after repairing it.”

Al-Tufan said:

Our air defense capabilities are not on par with the significant qualitative advancements in aircraft and missile power in the region’s skies. The conflict between the U.S. Army and Iran-aligned factions is witnessing very significant developments. Previously, drones were primitive and assembled from local market components, costing between $600 and $1,000, carrying approximately a one-kilogram bomb. They lacked the precision of those that targeted Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s residence.

Now, there are higher-quality drones, and even the missiles have evolved from being blind and imprecise with limited range. Currently, they are capable of striking targets accurately, reflecting a continuous escalation and settling of scores at the expense of the Iraqi army and their lives.

The Revolutionary Guard’s statement claims the missiles fired at Erbil were Fateh 110 ballistic missiles. While most were ballistic, these were blind and imprecise. However, the missiles targeting certain locations, including businessman Peshraw Dzeyi’s house in Erbil, were cruise missiles. They fly at low altitudes, controlled via satellites, travel at three-times the speed of sound, and possess a 500-kilogram explosive warhead. Known as strategic secret cruise missiles, they are Russian-made and signify a message to Israel about possessing missiles capable of reaching them with the desired precision.

Rocket Attack on Ain Al-Assad Base Injures Iraqi Soldier

Rocket Attack on Ain Al-Assad Base Injures Iraqi Soldier