Farmers call for more supplies

Agriculture department distributes fertilizer and insecticides in Al-Zubair

AL-ZUBAIR, BASRA, January 21 – The Agriculture Department in Al-Zubair, near Basra, distributed urea fertilizer, insecticides, and agricultural sulfur to local wheat and tomato farms and palm groves, as farmers step up requests for more supplies to meet agricultural needs.

Saleh Hassan, the Director of Al-Zubair Agriculture, told 964media, “We provided 342 tons of urea fertilizer to tomato and wheat farms in Al-Zubair and Khor Al-Zubair, benefiting over 450 farms and covering more than 9,000 dunams. Also, 165 tons of DAP fertilizer were distributed.”

He added, “In this campaign, we distributed 422 tons of wheat seeds across over 8,500 dunams, helping 262 farmers. We also handed out 454 liters of insecticide for about 6,600 dunams, 12 liters of fungicide for nearly 130 dunams of palm trees, and 165 liters of insecticides and sulfur to fight wheat pests in 88 farms.”

Karar Al-Gharawi, a local farmer, emphasized the need for more resources: “I received 14 tons of urea fertilizer, but I need 40 tons. We’re short on various supplies like medicines, wheat seeds, and tomatoes. We’re asking the Ministry of Agriculture for more help to support farmers and Iraq’s agriculture.”