High-ranking figures caught on viral video

Iraqi defense minister orders investigation into fight among officers

BAGHDAD, 21 January — Defense Minister Thabet Al-Abbasi has ordered the detention of two high-ranking officers and initiated an inquiry following the circulation of a video on social media, showing them fighting. According to them, the fight was in jest.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense, received by 964media, read:

Some social media sites have circulated a video clip showing two officers behaving in a way that is unbecoming for their military rank, which deviates from the norms and protocols of an esteemed institution with a 103-year history of heroism and sacrifice. Based on these actions, which are not fitting for the reputation of the Iraqi army and its distinguished history, Defense Minister Thabet Mohammed Al-Abbasi has directed the Director of Military Intelligence to detain the officers seen in the video. An investigative council has been established to determine the veracity of what was circulated and to hold them accountable in accordance with the military service and retirement law. The Ministry affirms its commitment to punishing any member or officer whose actions could harm the reputation of the Ministry and its storied history. No one is above accountability when they engage in behavior that tarnishes the legacy of the heroic Iraqi army. Therefore, this clarification was necessary.