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Pajama Party at ‘Roots of Love’ Kindergarten introduces children to sleep etiquette and life skills

BASRA, January 18 — A large number of students from the Roots of Love [Juthoor Al-Mahabba] Kindergarten in western Basra’s Madinat Al-Amal attended school wearing pajamas to participate in a unique educational and recreational activity called the ‘Pajama Party.’ The event received a warm welcome from parents. The kindergarten informed parents ahead of time about the activity, urging them to have their children come to school in pajamas.

Hala Ahmed, Director of the Kindergarten:

“We choose a new activity every day, incorporating both entertaining and educational elements, to change the routine for our children.
Today’s activity, the ‘Pajama Party,’ aims to teach children behaviors and specific rules related to sleep etiquette and personal care, such as brushing teeth, washing hands, and skincare, all in an entertaining atmosphere.
We have arranged a room that provides a suitable environment, simulating both day and night hours and providing everything they need when sleeping. Each child came in their sleepwear, bringing along their favorite toy or the story they preferred to hear, enjoying happy moments together.”

Haidar Ismaeil, Parent:

“I was very pleased with this activity because it is unprecedented and relates to the etiquette and behaviors that a child should learn before bedtime. This is a significant issue for the young ones, and, in fact, it is a problem for adults as well. We don’t know when to sleep or how, and we have a clear disturbance in this matter that has begun to affect our lives.
These activities are important because they teach the child details about life from the early stages, even before their personality fully forms.”

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