Nearly 1,000 schools still shuttered

Over 500 schools reopen in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, January 18 — Some 507 schools in Sulaymaniyah governorate reopened on Thursday in an effort to resume classes and continue the academic school year.

The reopened schools are under the management of the Sulaymaniyah General Directorate of Education. A total of 1,408 still remain closed.

An on-going teachers’ strike delayed the start of the academic school year in November 2023, leaving just one-third of schools operational.

Covering 13 districts and sub-districts, the General Directorate of Education in Sulaymaniyah has been engaged in attempts to increase the number of operational schools.

A source who spoke to 964media under condition of anonymity said the directorate had made progress and would see more schools reopen in the coming week.

Kurdistan Region's economic challenges in 2023

Kurdistan Region's economic challenges in 2023