'Made in Iraq'

Abundance of local produce in Twairij market amid crop surpluses

KARBALA, January 18 — Produce vendors in Karbala’s Tuwairij market have an abundance of fruits and vegetables on display with surplus crops from farms across Iraq driving prices down.

Buyers prefer local produce and sellers proudly label their goods as made in Iraq to attract customers.

Abu Ahmed, Vegetable Seller:

“The tomatoes come from Basra, oranges from Diyala and Suwaira, while Karbala contributes citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and mandarins. Also present are eggplants from Erbil, Yusufiyah oranges, and white potatoes from Mahnawiya in Hilla. The red variety of potatoes hails from farms near Fallujah.”

“Green onions, carrots, lettuce, peppers, turnips, radishes, and all other vegetables are Iraqi. We hope for an increase in crops to eliminate imports entirely.”

Um Safaa, Shopper:

“Everything grown in our land tastes better than what comes from abroad. While imported products may have an appealing appearance, Iraqi crops are fresh, and we prefer them.”