Sportswear sales jump in Haditha

With numerous Ramadan tournaments taking place, sports stores in Haditha city, located in western Iraqi Anbar governorate, have become increasingly popular. Local teams are eager to acquire club jerseys, favorites players and those worn by renowned international football stars.

During Ramadan, Haditha hosts several popular tournaments, including those for government departments, teaching staff, and community teams, as well as volleyball tournaments and other events that have revived the sports equipment market.

Abdulaziz Al-Hadithi, a sports equipment store owner, told Network 964: “The sales of sportswear have increased since Ramadan began. Al-Nasr club jerseys, specifically those of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, have recorded the highest sales, along with jerseys of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the Argentine national team.”

In addition to club and national team jerseys, the store also sells sportswear with numbers and colors, but without any specific logos.

The price range for original kits is between 15-20 thousand dinars, while regular kits range from 8-10 thousand dinars.
Ahmed Anwar, a football player participating in the government departments tournament, said: “Our team was equipped with full gear, including sports clothes and shoes, before the start of the tournament, as is the case for all participating teams.”