Halabja bans children from swimming in Sirwan River

HALABJA, July 16 – Authorities in Halabja issued a strict ban today on children swimming in the Sirwan River in response to appeals from area fishermen who say they have been forced to rescue numerous minors this summer.

The fishermen said they have been rescuing children from the waters on a daily basis.

Halabja official Shahin Hama Raza told 964: “We are making serious efforts to prevent swimming [in the Sirwan River], especially by children, by using the Forestry Police and to monitor the river banks. The instructions are clear regarding the prohibition of swimming.”

“The Sirwan River originates from the Zagros Mountains in Iran near the city of Sanandaj and flows from the Hawraman region to the Kurdistan region near the town of Sirwan. The river is frequented by locals for fishing and recreational activities.”