"Our patience has limits"

Masoud Barzani: No pride or honor in killing women and children

ERBIL, 16 January– The Barzani Headquarter in Erbil published the following message:

Message from President Barzani to the Public Opinion

In the name of the great and compassionate God,
As everyone know, since the year 2020 until now, the city of Erbil has been subjected to numerous unjust missile and drone attacks by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran and their proxy forces. These attacks and assaults are a clear injustice against the people of Kurdistan.

The perpetrators of these crimes and those behind the attacks on Erbil know very well that their slander, accusations, and claims are baseless and they cover up their own problems and issues by attacking Erbil and the people of Kurdistan.

Our patience has its limits. In their latest crime last night, they massacred an innocent family in Erbil, which we vehemently condemn. There is no doubt that this attack lacks both bravery and honor; it is a complete disgrace for the perpetrators.

Here, I address the people of Iran, to whom we have always shown respect and extended the hand of brotherhood and friendship. I want to assure them that the allegations brought by the attackers against Erbil and the people of Kurdistan are baseless and far from the truth. I invite you, if the attackers allow you, to come and see with your own eyes in Erbil the realities and understand how the attackers are misleading and making baseless claims against the people of Kurdistan.

It cannot be that they continue this oppression, and we cannot remain silent in the face of this injustice and wrongdoing.

My message to the perpetrators of the missile and drone attacks from Iran is this: Killing our women, children, and civilians does not bring you any glory or pride. You might be able to kill us, but be assured, you cannot break our will.

The people of Kurdistan have the support of God and the righteousness of their cause, and God is greater than any oppressor or force.

Masoud Barzani
January 16, 2024