'An assault on Iraq's sovereignty'

Iraq’s government condemns Iranian attack on Erbil, plans to file complaint to the UN

ERBIL, January 16 — Iraq’s government has condemned a recent spate of Iranian attacks on Erbil, involving ballistic missiles hits on residential areas that resulted in civilian casualties.

The government highlighted extensive damage caused by the bombardment, including the destruction of residential homes. Among those destroyed was the home of Kurdish businessman Peshraw Dzeyi and his family. Dzeyi was killed in the strike along with a number of his family members.

Baghdad called the recent attack an assault on Iraq’s sovereignty and the security of its people, as well as a breach of good neighborliness and regional security.

The government also said it would pursue all legal avenues in response to the strikes, including filing a complaint with the United Nations Security Council.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani directed a newly-formed committee led by the National Security Advisor to investigate the attack.